My hair is very thin, which wedding hairstyles are suitable for me?

Even with thin or fine hair there are many possibilities. Thanks to my expertise and professional techniques, I can make even the thinnest hair look voluminous and create the most beautiful hairstyles with it. So just have a look at which hairstyles you like best and we can try them out during the trial session.

I would like to have a nice hair decoration on my wedding day; how do I know what suits my hair and hairstyle?

Hair accessories come in many different styles, shapes and colours, also for brides. To get an idea of what is possible, have a look at my website Here you find an exclusive assortment of the most stunning hair accessories. If you book a trial session with me, let me know which ones you like and I will make sure that these are ready for you to try. Of course you can always ask me for advice.

I would like to have hair extensions on my wedding day, is that possible?

Yes, that’s possible. Do take into account that this takes extra time (around +/- 30 minutes) for which I charge € 30,- extra. In addition to this, there are the costs for the extensions. These are dependent on the length of your extensions. During the trial session we have a look which colour is best for you. I will make sure that the extensions are ordered and will bring them with me on your wedding day.