Wedding hairstyles

On your wedding day you are the star and should not need to worry about anything. Like your hair for example. An average wedding hairstyle, a hairdo that does not suit you or your dress, or a hairstyle that does not last until the afternoon…. It is your worst nightmare.

So go ahead and enjoy, dance, laugh and party until the late hours. Leave your wedding hairstyle to me, because I:

  • Guarantee that your hairstyle will last the whole day
  • Take the time for you and am there for you when and where you want
  • Am familiar with the latest trends in bridal hair fashion
  • Have years of professional experience
  • Have specific expertise and techniques
  • Offer you a wide and unique variety of beautiful hair accessories

And because your wedding hairstyle is very personal, it is always good to know who will be there for you on your wedding day and what to expect.

Trial session: find your perfect hairstyle

Avoid nasty surprises on your wedding day and book a trial session with me first. During this session I take all the time to get to know you and to give you my best advice. Together we discuss your wishes and the logistics of your wedding day. We try out different wedding hairstyles and find the perfect hairdo for your big day.

And, for the finishing touch, you are more than welcome to try any bridal hair accessories.

A relaxed start of your wedding day

On your wedding day I will arrive in good time; at a time and place to suit you. So you don’t have to go anywhere and you start your day totally relaxed in your bath robe and in a comfortable environment. I will make sure that your hairstyle survives when you put on your wedding dress and I do a last check.

Do you wish for a different look or a touch-up in the evening? Or would you like a festive hairstyle for your bridesmaids, family members or other guests? I am happy to be at your service.