On your weddingday

How much time will the styling of my hair take on my wedding day?

On your wedding day the styling of your hair takes around 2 hours. Of course I will make sure that I am there in good time and I only leave once your hairstyle looks absolutely perfect.

Do I wash my hair myself on my wedding day?

Yes, please make sure your hair is washed and dried. Do not use a conditioner or styling products afterwards. These products can make your hair too flat or greasy for me to properly style it.

As a bridal stylist, can you also take care of my make-up?

There are very few make-up artists and hairstylists who have professional expertise in both hairstyling as well as make-up. After all, they are two completely different professions which require different knowledge and techniques. And to be able to work in the top segment it also requires years of experience.

When you are getting married and want to be sure you get the best hairstyle and make-up, I always advise to book a good hairstylist as well as a good make-up artist. I can recommend a few good make-up artists who I like to work with. The added bonus is that we work on your hair and make-up simultaneously. This means you don’t lose any precious time on your big day and you do not need to sit still longer than necessary.

Which is the best order; first my hair and make-up and then put on my dress or the other way around?

It is always best to first finish your hairdo and make-up before you put on your wedding dress. You then avoid getting any stains from make-up or styling products on your dress. Also the hairstylist and make-up artist are able to manoeuvre themselves around you more easily.

I will always help you when you put on your wedding dress, to make sure your hair stays intact. Once you have your wedding dress on, I do a last check to make sure your hair is meticulous.

Can you create a different look or do a touch-up for my hair in the evening?

Of course this is possible. I would appreciate you letting me know as soon as possible if this is required, so I can plan in the time for this.

What if I do not like my bridal hairstyle?

When you book me to create your wedding hairstyle, we also plan in a trial session before your wedding day. For this you collect images of wedding hairstyles you love and during the trial session we try these on your hair, until we find the perfect hairdo for you. My aim is to ensure that you will always be satisfied.

Can you also come to my house for a festive hairstyle?

Of course I can. Please do take into account that I have to charge travelling costs of € 0,25 per kilometre and any parking costs, outside of the region Bussum, Naarden, Laren, Blaricum, Hilversum and Huizen.