Trial session

Is a trial session always necessary for a bridal hairstyle?

Booking a trial session for your bridal hairstyle is definitely recommended. During this session we determine what the ultimate wedding hairstyle is for you. On your wedding day you want to be sure that your hairstyle suits you perfectly, stays in place all day and makes you look your most beautiful. Last but not least it will give you the necessary peace of mind in the weeks running up to your wedding day.

How far in advance do I book my trial session?

It’s best to plan in your trial session 2 to 8 weeks before your wedding day. If you are growing your hair for your big day, it is best to have a trial session as close as possible to the wedding day. It will then be clear what length your hair will be on the day and what is possible with it.

How long does a trial session for a bridal hairstyle take?

This takes around 3 hours. During the session I will take all the time needed to advise you, but sometimes it can overrun slightly.

Can I bring my mother or a friend along to the trial session?

Your mother or friend is more than welcome during the trial session!

I want to be sure that I have a great hairstyle for a special event. Can I also book a trial session for this?

Sometimes you just want to be assured that your hair will look its absolute best at a special event. It is possible to book a trial session for this. Feel free to contact me for the possibilities and the prices.